Summer Camp 2018

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The mountain is calling… can you hear it?



Join us on the west coast this summer for amazing training at Mt. Hood!

It’s time to plan your summer adventure!  You will train 5 hours a day in the warm sunshine, swim in mountain lakes, hike to crazy waterfalls and spend free time with your friends in Govy getting Huck Shakes and Volcano Cones. Everyday is an adventure!

Camp dates are June 20 – June 29.

Oregon is the best summer training venue in the world. Will you be there? Follow this link for all of the information:

As always, the earlier you sign up for camp, the more you save.

Please note: Although this event will be run in a similar fashion to BOYNE Racing, it is offered by Super Ski Camps, L3C and is not an official BOYNE activity.