Koseck Tops GS Podium

Thanks to all Boyne Racing families who joined us for a fun afternoon of bowling at the Gaylord Bowling Center!  If you missed out on bowling, join us for our next team activity in February.  This past weekend, we had great attendance for slalom training.  There were improvements made in every age group, along with some very impressive turns from Garret Lundteigen and Logan Nesbitt.  Nice work team!
holiday camp 2015 – Version 2
Erik Koseck represented Boyne Racing at the USSA Region 3 Mt. Brighton race this past weekend.  He placed 1st in GS, 4th in slalom, and 6th in Kombi.  Way to go Erik!  The next USSA Region 3 race is the Kelsey Barnard race on Saturday, January 30 and Sunday, January 31 at Boyne Mountain.  Our FIS team will be traveling to Wisconsin to compete against the best in the Midwest at the LaCrosse MidAm.  Race details can be found at  Kelsey Barnard race link and LaCrosse race link .
  • Wednesday, January 27 | 6:30-8:30pm | GS Training | Boyne Highlands
  • Friday, January 29 | 6:30-8:30pm | GS Training | Boyne Mountain
  • Saturday, January 30 | 9-11am | GS Training | Boyne Mountain
  • Sunday, January 31 | 9-11am | GS Training | Boyne Mountain
  • USSA
    • Saturday, January 30 | Kelsey Barnard | Slalom race, plus U14 SkillsQuest
    • Sunday, January 31 |  Kelsey Barnard | GS race
  • FIS
    • Friday, January 29-Sunday, January 31 | LaCrosse MidAm | FIS slalom races
  • Register by Monday, January 25 for USSA Kelsey Barnard race at my.ussa.org
  • Register for LaCrosse FIS race at my.ussa.org

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