A New Season


It’s full on winter Northern Michigan. We have experienced day after day of great snowmaking temps, along with regular dumps of natural lake effect fluffy. Not only are the snow conditions virtually perfect on the terrain that is currently open, but both Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands expect to have nearly all of the huge amount of skiable terrain open before Christmas! BOYNE Racing is excited to charge into winter and continue the progress we made last season and at the off-season camps. In an upcoming broadcast, we will talk a little about the competitive success our members enjoyed last season, and the things that made that success possible – but first let’s focus on getting this season off to our best start ever.

NEW – U14 division of BOYNE Racing

For those unable to make our pre-season presentation at the SnowSports Summit during Skitoberfest in October, I have attached information regarding the new alignment of our programs. Even though our entire staff will continue to work together toward our common goals, we have changed the alignment of responsibilities for kids under the age of 14. Driving this change are the fundamental differences in the requirements and equipment for these athletes, particularly when it comes to slalom.

Our U14 group will be managed by U14 Head Coach Christopher Herrmann. This group will be appropriate for kids in the 9-13 age group who have fairly significant skiing experience and are looking for a more intense training track. The program generally includes three sessions per week: Friday evening, and both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Skiers younger than 9 may be considered for this program on an individual basis, based on experience and skill level.

BOYNE Flyers

2013 Flyers coach Kayla Potter will be managing the 2014 BOYNE Flyers program, which remains in place and addresses the needs of kids in the 6 – 12 age range who don’t have quite as much skiing experience, or the desire for a smaller time commitment than that offered by the BOYNE Racing U14 program. If you are unsure of the best choice for your child, please contact me or any of the BOYNE Racing / BOYNE Flyers coaches. As in the past, the goal for the Flyers is to instill a solid foundation skiing basics and a love for the sport. We hope all Flyers will progress into BOYNE Racing at some point, and, as in the past, mid-season changes can be made with approval of the respective head coaches.

Flyers training starts on Saturday, December 21. Members will receive specific schedule information next week.

NEW – Online registration and payment.

Online purchasing is now live and available for paying for your membership and/or Holiday Camp. This long-awaited improvement will make it much easier for you to sign up, and for us to track membership. Please note that there are two available season membership options for both BOYNE Racing programs – one with the Holiday Camp included and one without.

So, click here to register and follow these instructions:

1. If the link above does not take you directly to the race products, copy and paste this URL into your browser: http://www.boyne.com/estore_bm/
and find the race products under the tab Race Programs > Race.
2. Add appropriate product(s) from list to your cart. Click current date and then click ‘Complete’.
3. When all products you are purchasing are added, proceed to checkout
4. Log in to your account – or use the ‘Find My Account’ link if you have purchased from BOYNE before but don’t have an online login. You may need to create a user name and password.
5. If you have not purchased from BOYNE in the past, you will need to create a new account.
6. If not already listed, add family members with date of birth, gender, etc.
7. Assign products to appropriate family members.
8. Complete transaction.

Liability release forms – must be received prior to first training session or race!

One thing we still need in hard copy is the liability release (attached). An improvement here is that families with more than one minor child in the program need only complete one form (with all participant names listed). If possible, stop by the Snowsports desk at Boyne Mountain to sign the release in person prior to attending the first training session.

If signing in person is not possible, scan and email the signed release form to boyneracing@boyne.com IMPORTANT: If you choose this option, you MUST also scan and email the driver’s license of the parent/guardian signing the release. Please print legibly – no athletes may train with BOYNE Racing or BOYNE Flyers until we have received a properly executed liability form.

BOYNE Racing Weekend Schedule – U14 and all U21 groups

As always, you can find the BOYNE Racing training schedule here: https://boyneracing.com/training-schedule/
Saturday, December 13th, 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. – SL drills & training on North Boyne at Boyne Mountain.
Sunday, December 14th, 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. – SL drills & training on North Boyne at Boyne Mountain.

Weekend USSA race coaches at Boyne Highlands: Erik & Jen. USSA race schedule is here: http://www.region3cussa.org/schedule.php
Note that the SkillsQuest portion of this weekend’s event has been eliminated.

Boyne Highlands note: When training or racing at Boyne Highands, unless you are staying at the lodge, please use the Challenger Warming House or the main Day Lodge for booting up, etc.

Holiday Camp

We are capping the number of participants accepted for the Holiday Camp this year to provide a better quality training experience. Even if you will not be training this weekend, if you plan on attending that camp, we strongly recommend that you register for the season now in order to ensure your spot in the camp.

Training sessions at selected races

As our Training Philosophy states, it is not ideal to sacrifice too many training opportunities for the sake of racing. To help balance that this year, we will be including coached same-day training sessions at selected USSA races when time, conditions, and the host resort allows. Please check during the race day with our race-day coaching staff for the training plan.


BOYNE Racing members who do not have access to our private video analysis website can email me (with Sprongo in the subject line), and I will see that you receive an invitation. As always, I need an email address specific to the athlete, and ask that when you register, you use the athlete name so that the tagging works correctly. Parents can view the the site by logging in with their child’s login information.

Uniform Jacket

For those who missed the fall opportunity to order one of the new jackets, we will have another short purchasing window starting now and ending on December 24th. You can order here: http://boyneracing.bigcartel.com Jackets ordered now will be delivered in January.

BOYNE Racing and BOYNE Flyers members are eligible to purchase these jackets. As always, uniform pieces are optional and not required for members



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