Why We Race

If you are a BOYNE Racing member or parent, you have probably noticed that the coaches occasionally train or race along with the athletes. Since our competitive careers have long since passed, you may wonder why we continue. I think that there are a number of very good reasons for us to ski from time to time:

1. We stay current with innovations in the sport. Ski racing is constantly evolving and trying new techniques out ourselves helps us understand the challenges our athletes are facing.

2. We (usually) help the penalty of the race. By participating in local competitions, our points improve the ranking of all of the athletes in the race, if they do well. If you don’t understand how this works, give me a call and I’ll (try) to explain the math!

3. During practice, we are more in tune with the conditions and realize quickly if a re-set or slip is needed. We know if the course is easy or challenging and can gauge our coaching accordingly.

4. For most of our athletes, we can provide a good visual example. From my own experience, I can say that my biggest improvements came while I was skiing with better or more knowledgable racers. Visual learning is very effective, compared to spoken instructions.

5. We want to show that skiing doesn’t have to end at 18. I want all of our kids to race in college and beyond, you never know when you might peak (ask Ben Brown from Houghton, MI who earned 12 FIS points in his late twenties, after high school and college).

6. We keep our excitement. Ski racing is fun. It seems like a lot of coaches are really grumpy. Maybe too much time at the bottom of the hill barking orders?

Kyle was right on my heels on Saturday night. Very shortly, I’ll be trying to figure out how he put so many seconds on me…and that makes this whole coaching thing worthwhile.


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