Holiday Camp 2 Starts Tomorrow at 8:00am

From Cary:


For those who have difficulty with registration and payment, I have attached the registration form. Please complete and bring to camp with you tomorrow. Caitlin Bryant will be accepting forms and payment starting at 8:00 a.m. at the Snowsports Academy desk (just inside the automatic doors on the Mountain side of the Civic Center – near the base of the Express 6-place lift).

Training Venue / Conditions

We just finished up our first Holiday Camp on Thursday. The camp went very well, and the snow on North Boyne (our training arena) is great. This was our first chance to train there, and we really could not be more excited. We have a double start house for use during training, and a long slope with varying terrain which is ideal for polishing up your arcing skills. There are all sorts of other advantages, as you will see during camp.


Monday & Tuesday:  SLALOM skis


Wednesday & Thursday: GIANT SLALOM skis

Because of the unusually limited terrain open at the resort, our training slope – North Boyne – must be opened to the public during the mid-day. This is not perfectly ideal for us, but we understand that many ski areas across the state have no skiing at all, so we are thankful for what we have. We also recognize that if it weren’t for the general skiing public, our opportunities as racers would be much more limited.

To work around this, Boyne Mountain management has agreed to start the Express lift for us at 8:00 a.m.  North Boyne will be closed for our exclusive use until 10:30, so we will get in a normal training session. Before we break for lunch tomorrow morning, we will inform you of the exact afternoon schedule.

It is likely that this will be the schedule for the entire camp. The afternoon schedule depends somewhat on the weather, so we will let you know each day what the following day’s schedule will be.

Video Analysis

We will be using video analysis at this camp. For those who aren’t season BOYNE Racing team members, we use the Sprongo private video analysis website, which allows you to view your video at home. If you want to have this ability, we need the racer’s email address. You will then receive an email message from Sprongo inviting you to join. Non-members’ video will remain available until mid-January.

See you tomorrow!


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