Sprongo Video System

We are getting our video review system up and running. If you are a member, you should have received an email from Sprongo inviting you to join the BOYNE Racing Sprongo website. Once you join we will be able to tag you in your video clips. Each time we tag you in a new clip, you will receive a notification by email so you know it’s ready for you to look at.

We are very excited about the functionality of this system because, for the first time, it allows the you to easily control the playback of your video clips, and other reference clips that we will post. Just as with our past in-person video computer analysis sessions, this system allows for stop/start motion control (space bar), and for slow motion and frame-by-frame control, both forward and reverse (left and right arrow keys). It’s very simple and there is virtually no learning curve.

The coaches can post comments at specific places in your video clips – so you will be able to read our thoughts and watch what we are talking about at the same time.

We also plan to take advantage of the available overlay functions, which allows you to place one run on top of another to compare the two simultaneously. This could be used to compare two of your own runs, or a run of yours with that of a different skier. Those functions require a fixed camera position, so it won’t be used until we have that established (the first will be on North Boyne at Boyne Mountain).


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