Weekend Updates

Here are a few updates, as we head into the weekend:


We will have training for all BOYNE Racing members on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-11:30am at Boyne Highlands. Bring your slalom skis, we will be working on carving and balance techniques. Meet at the Challenger Warming Hut at 9:15am. You must be registered to participate. (see below)


There is a Region III USSA race scheduled for this weekend. Nub’s Nob is currently evaluating if the hill will be available. They will provide a final answer on Thursday morning. If the race is a go, we will have coaches available to assist the athletes. Race is cancelled.


To participate in the upcoming weekend’s activities, you must be currently enrolled in BOYNE Racing. To do this, contact Wolfgang Russold with the SnowSports Academy at Boyne Mountain. (231.549.6056 or wrussold@boyne.com) You will need to sign release forms and make payment. ($750 season membership)

BOYNE is making snow around the clock. Ski season is here!



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