Thanksgiving Camp 2011

We are pleased to announce our Fall Thanksgiving Race Camp 2011. For those of you who have inquired about our hoped-for camp at Big Sky, we are unfortunately unable to offer that this year. But we are equally excited for this camp at Sunday River. As you know, we were very unlucky with the weather in 2009 when we had planned a camp at Sunday River. As we have reviewed the weather records for the various different resort options for Thanksgiving camps, we discovered that good snow has actually been more dependable at Sunday River than at Big Sky over Thanksgiving week.

In fact, here’s what was going on at Sunday River three days ago:

Sunday River also gives us several other advantages:

1) Like Big Sky, it is a BOYNE sister resort, which allows season pass holders to take advantage of the included sister resort benefits. For BOYNE Gold Pass holders, that means a $300 reduction in the cost of the camp. (Note: Although it is not listed as an option on the registration form, Silver Pass holders also qualify for a smaller reduction. Also note: USSHOF gold passes do not enjoy this benefit.)

2) Cost – this camp costs hundreds less than camps of similar duration in other parts of the country. And many of those more expensive camps are held in places where skiing miles and coaching expertise is not comparable to what we can offer at Sunday River.

3) Sunday River is a much more practical drive, should you choose to come as a family or carpool with other families to save on airfare.

4) Families & friends: Sunday River will be open for public skiing for the entire duration of the camp, so you can make a family vacation out of this, at a very reasonable cost. If you are interested, please inquire about the lodging & meals package being made available to families & friends of our campers. And, of course, everyone who has a BOYNE Gold or Silver pass can take advantage of the free ski days included with the pass.

Your BOYNE Racing staff has been bitten by the snow bug. We are very excited for the season to start, and to take up progress where we left off in April and in June!



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