Super (Awesome) Summer Ski Camp!

We have been busy organizing a summer camp opportunity for our team. As you know, training in the summer is can be a significant financial investment, since Michigan is a little short on glaciers! However, off-season skiing is very important for an athlete’s development. One week of skiing in the summer is a great way to keep skills sharp between April and November.

Therefore, we are working with a BOYNE-affiliated program, Team Alpental Snoqualmie (TAS), to bring our team the highest impact and least expensive camp at Mt Hood. The entire camp will be $1499 for an eight-day session with six days of training. Other summer camps are up to $2300 for eight days of skiing (the fatigue of training eight days consecutively leads to a reduction in learning by the end of camp). We want to make summer skiing affordable for the largest number of our families possible.

The Program Director at TAS, Evan Weiss, is a US Ski Team alumni and top-3 finisher at US National Championships. We worked very effectively together at our Big Sky Thanksgiving Camp. Expanding this partnership makes a lot of sense for both of our teams. This will not be a large commercial camp. We are looking to bring 10-20 of our motivated athletes for a highly focused week of training.

The date for the camp is July 8th- 15th. Complete the form below to sign up and receive travel and payment information!

Please call Ben @ 231.838.5197 with any questions.

This is not an official BOYNE Resorts event


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