Our New Representatives

From Sue Koseck:

Boyne Racing Parents,

Kurt and I are new members of the CUSSA Region 3 Board representing Boyne
Racing. In early May, we will be attending a Region 3 Board Meeting.

While we haven’t attended a formal meeting to date, we are envisioning that
we will be discussing and making decisions about races, fund raising and
spending and other related matters.

In an effort to support our role in representing Boyne Racing, we request
you send us any thoughts, issues or concerns you might have regarding
Region 3. While we can’t guarantee all issues will be addressed or
addressed to everyone’s liking, we can commit to bringing up issues
assuming the forum is correct. We can also commit to following up with you
on issues you submit.

The Board Meeting is presently scheduled for May 8. Please submit isues to
us by May 1st. Feel free to email (koseckoncavanaugh@gmail.com) or if
calling is more efficient dial 517-612-9769.

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

Kurt and Sue Koseck


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