Cary’s Reflections from Kitzbuhel

The DH result in 1974 was during my first year in Europe – and my first, and as it turned out only, time racing the Hahnenkamm DH. Of interest is that we had at least 6 training runs that year, and my fastest training time was 3 seconds slower than my race time, despite the fact that the weather and snow conditions were the same all week: clear and hard snow. The reason is that I skied the training runs in a high tuck through the easier middle section to save leg strength for the last very exciting (world record understatement) 20 seconds of the course. I remember even putting my elbows on my knees occasionally in the straight running sections, but I don’t think the coaches ever saw it because they were stationed in the technical sections of the course. On race day I lowered the tuck, and risked arriving at the Hausberg jump with legs that were a bit more tired.

The SL was in 1976 just prior to the Olympics in Innsbruck. A couple things of interest – this was the first of only two times that the US has placed 5 in the top 15 of a World Cup race, and that was with our only top-15 seeded skier, Geoff Bruce, being a DNF. The snow was rock hard, so obviously a very fair race. Second run seeding was according to finish time in the first run, but they flipped only the top 5 – I believe I started around 20th in the second run and was 3rd fastest in that run. Note Pete Patterson with the #87 start number.


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