Parent Education Webinar

BOYNE Racing parents may be interested in this free program. From Jon Nolting, USSA Sport Education Director (and former Central Division Director):

Every parent wants the best for their child on race day, but sometimes our natural reactions and behaviors as parents can impact our children the wrong way

USSA Sport Education Director Jon Nolting will present important tips for ski and snowboard parents of all levels to help make their children’s competitions more successful and enjoyable. This half hour webinar is provided free of charge by GreenLight Collaboration, the official audio, web and video conferencing service provider to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. Participants will be able to ask questions during the webinar. There are limited seats for these webinars, click on the appropriate link below to send us an email to reserve your spot and get the webinar access information. A recorded version of each webinar will be available to everyone, with a link from this page, following the webinars.

SCHEDULE (click on link below to sign up, deadline is noon on day of webinar):

Eastern Region – 7:00pm Eastern time, Tuesday, January 25

Rocky/Central Region – 7:00pm Mountain time, Thursday, January 27

Western Region – 7:00pm Pacific time, Monday, January 31


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