BOYNE Racing: Summer Camp Opportunity

We have solidified a summer camp opportunity for BOYNE Racing athletes. WinAlpine and BOYNE Racing will host a combined camp for our teams from June 19-29 at Mt Hood, Oregon. Scott Winquist will serve as the project’s director with Cary, Jennifer, Christopher, and Ben as coaches. We can say with full confidence that this will be an exceptional training environment. Below, you will find more camp details:

Arrival Date: June 19th pickup between 10:00am and 2:00pm

Departure Date: June 29th drop off during the morning

Airport: Portland International (PDX)

The camp will include 8 days of skiing and one off-day.

Activities: hiking Mt. Hood, swimming, capture the flag, weight training, and kick ball.  Our day-off activity will be white water rafting on the White Salmon River in Washington with All Adventures Rafting.  Check out their website at

Our housing will be in Government Camp.  Accommodations include pools, hot tubs, and a laundry facility. Each athlete will have their own bed.  We have two full time chefs that will provide three home cooked meals per day and an on hill juice break.

To get a feel for the camp, please view this link:

Sign-Up: We will be handling registration through the WinAlpine site at


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